Three Steps to Stop Procrastinating

The New Year can be a great time to make a change – for instance, finding a new job, developing more business, or learning a new professional skill.  But, sometimes procrastination gets the better of us.  Can you relate? If you can, try the following exercise I call the “costs and benefits” analysis.  I use this exercise with my clients to help propel them into action.  You might find this exercise more beneficial if you do it with a friend or confidante.

Step 1: Analyze the costs (disadvantages) of sitting idle short-term and long-term.

Step 2: Analyze the benefits (advantages) of taking action short-term and long-term.

Step 3: Create an action plan that adheres to the SMART method.  Your plan should be…





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Published by Sheryl Odentz on LinkedIn on January 4, 2021. Sheryl Odentz is the founder of Progress in Work LLC, an award-winning career management firm that provides lawyers and other professionals within the legal industry the following services: business development training/coaching, executive/leadership coaching and outplacement/career transition counseling. For more information, contact Sheryl at 212-532-6670 or