The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program

The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program is a career counseling and coaching program designed specifically for lawyers who have reached a crossroads in their careers and are unclear about how to proceed. The lawyer will use the outcomes of the process to create a solid plan for the future.

My name is Sheryl Odentz. I am the founder of Progress in Work. I have counseled and coached thousands of lawyers over the course of three decades to help them successfully transition to new positions inside and outside of the practice of law. My clients have described me as skilled in my craft, proactive, effective, creative, knowledgeable, caring, inspiring and practical.

The Lawyer’s Career Crossroad’s Program is comprised of 11 50-minute sessions. The duration of the program varies depending on each person’s circumstances. 

Below are the program’s elements:

  • Session 1 – Intake session
  • Sessions 2 & 3 (combined) – Aptitudes, personal style, and brief interest survey
  • Session 4 – Interests (expanded version) 
  • Session 5 – Skills   
  • Session 6 – Family influences, values, and goals
  • Session 7 – Personality and career fit as well as potential obstacles and psychological needs
  • Session 8 – Personal vision statement & action plan based on an analysis of the sessions
  • Session 9 – Informational interviewing skills and research
  • Session 10 – Progress and obstacles
  • Session 11– Closing thoughts and review

Any effective career counseling and coaching assessment program should include all of the elements listed above; however, any lawyer wishing to sample The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program before committing to the entire program may do so.

After the self-exploration piece, I can also help my clients with the more tactical aspects of finding a position. Topics include: creating a strong resume, developing a compelling narrative, learning about recruiters, honing networking and interviewing skills, writing strong cover letters, creating a LinkedIn profile, and negotiating offers.

Sessions are primarily conducted by Zoom video or phone. Face-to-face meetings are available in my New York City office on a limited bases.  

If you are interested in learning more about The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program, I can be reached at