Your job search can change overnight. One day, you can be all down in the dumps because you are out of work or soon will be. Then, in an instant, it can all change. You get that call: “We’d like to make you an offer.” You can’t believe your lucky stars. This law firm or organization is even better for you than the one you were at or will soon leave.

For all of you lawyers out there who are transitioning careers or jobs, if you are feeling down and frustrated about your job prospects, keep perspective, it can all change in an instant.  According to the Legal Examiner, the job outlook is good in 2021. And in my experience, hiring has been active.

Here is a quick story: Three days ago, I was speaking with an in-house attorney who was lamenting that she will never find a job. Then, yesterday, she received an offer. She had been looking for 10 months.

My advice to all of you, for whatever it’s worth: “Stay the course!” You will find something. I am confident in this because I have been counseling lawyers in career transition for decades, and they ALL eventually found something.

Any words of inspiration from others? Would love your comments.

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Published by Sheryl Odentz on LinkedIn on April 7, 2021. Sheryl Odentz is the founder of Progress in Work LLC, an award-winning career management firm that provides lawyers and other professionals within the legal industry the following services: business development training/coaching, executive/leadership coaching and outplacement/career transition counseling. For more information, contact Sheryl at 212-532-6670 or