Executive & Leadership Coaching

Progress in Work offers executive coaching to organizations to help increase overall productivity and performance, assist in retention, support succession planning efforts, and use talent more effectively. Our coaching assignments are always aligned with the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. Our aim is to synchronize individual purpose with organizational goals and objectives.

Progress in Work implements “action learning” when coaching. In action learning, the client uses their own experiences to learn and change behavior to meet individual and organizational performance goals.

Progress in Work offers four types of executive coaching:

Developmental Coaching

Developmental coaching focuses on enhancing leadership, management, interpersonal, communication, business development, and team building skills and is for individuals who are highly valued by the organization.

Intervention Coaching

Intervention coaching focuses on allowing for an organization to retain otherwise valued individuals who have specific deficiencies involving interpersonal communication, conflict resolution or other skills.

Coaching for New and Expanded Roles

Coaching for new and expanded roles is for individuals who are joining an organization or are moving into new and expanded positions due to lateral moves or promotions. It is particularly well-suited to professionals and executives who are dealing with new business strategies, new or expanded assignments, merged or changed cultures, or new team configurations.

Systemic Coaching Programs

Systemic coaching programs can be designed and implemented to supplement or support other human resource initiatives such as succession planning, executive education, training and development, performance management or mentoring programs.

Progress in Work uses various assessment instruments such as The Birkman Method and EQ-I 2.0, including multi-rater (360° degree) feedback processes. These tools and processes can be fully customized around the key competencies that drive your business. Multi-rater tools and processes allow individuals to gather input from peers, direct reports, bosses, customers, clients and others. This feedback gives a comprehensive view of performance and a clear guide for focused development.