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The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program™

The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program™ is a career counseling and coaching program designed specifically for lawyers who have reached a crossroads in their careers and are unclear about how to proceed. Through a series of 11 one-on-one 50-minute sessions with Progress in Work’s Founder Sheryl Odentz − a proactive, award-winning career counselor and coach who received her graduate training in Psychological Counseling in work/career topics from Columbia University (M.A., Ed.M.) − the lawyer will have the opportunity to reflect on the following factors: aptitudes; personal style; skills; interests; family influences; values; goals; personality and career fit; potential obstacles preventing the lawyer from moving forward in his or her career; and psychological needs regarding work. Upon completion of the program, the lawyer will have conducted a thoughtful and linear analysis of his or her career and be able to map out steps for bridging the outcomes of the process with a solid plan for the future. The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program™ will typically occur over a period of six to nine months. The exact time period will vary depending on each lawyer’s individual circumstances. Click here for more detailed information about The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program™

Applying Social and Psychological Theories to Unlock Your Hidden Rainmaker™

Applying Social and Psychological Theories to Unlock Your Hidden Rainmaker is a 60-minute interactive webinar that focuses on teaching Consultative Selling skills to lawyers. Consultative Selling focuses on building rapport and earning a prospect’s and client’s trust in order to win deals and cases. Participants will learn how to apply social and psychological theories in order to build strong personal relationships with prospects and clients. The webinar is appropriate for all levels of lawyers: partners, counsels and associates. After completing the webinar, participants will be able to: (1) apply a few key principles of Consultative Selling to developing relationships. (2) articulate their own brands so they can develop relationships authentically. (3) identify their own social styles and learn how to recognize the various social styles in others to establish stronger connections, and (4) become more aware of how vocal, visual, and verbal cues impact face-to-face communication. For more information about this webinar, please reach out to Sheryl at Progress in Work – sodentz@progressinwork.com.