Before you start to sell your services, listen to the challenges and concerns facing your prospects and clients before you start to sell. Find out what is motivating them to reach out to you first. If you understand that, then you will find it much easier to explain the value of your services, fees, and provide them with useful information.

Yeah, I know, it is easier said than done because some prospects and clients are not always forthcoming. But, please, do the best you can and don’t always feel compelled to answer their questions if you don’t feel ready to properly talk about your services. Explain that you want to understand their needs first. Selling is a collaborative effort. At the end of the day, your prospects and clients will decide if you make sense for them or not. So, arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can before you start to sell.

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Published by Sheryl Odentz on LinkedIn on March 20, 2020. Sheryl Odentz is the founder of Progress in Work LLC, an award-winning career management firm that provides lawyers and other professionals within the legal industry the following services: business development training/coaching, executive/leadership coaching and outplacement/career transition counseling. For more information, contact Sheryl at 212-532-6670 or