Emotional Intelligence, also known as Emotional Quotient (EQ), is the intelligent use of emotions. It’s the set of skills people use to manage their own emotions wisely, to maximize their chances of influencing others constructively and achieving their goals.

What’s not emotionally intelligent? “Flipping out,” rubbing people the wrong way, and not showing resilience when you need to.

We all know practicing law can be stressful. So, it more important than ever to stay in touch with your emotions, and to be able to identify the triggers when emotions are running high that may cause you to act in a way that you might not be so proud of.

There is an old cliché which says people want to work with people and do business with those they know and like.  If you have high EQ, it’s highly probable that clients, including potential clients, and colleagues alike, trust you and like you because you’re attuned to their needs as well as yours. That means high ceilings for business and career advancement.

Even the most triggered “flipper-outers,” however, can develop emotional intelligence skills and attributes.

Contact me for a consultation, assessment, and coaching before you rub too many people the wrong way, no matter how sharp your legal acumen. I look forward to helping you advance your career – and to grow a circle of clients and colleagues who are pulling for you.

Published by Sheryl Odentz on LinkedIn on September 13, 2022. Sheryl is the founder of Progress in Work LLC, an award-winning career management firm.  Sheryl helps lawyers and other types of professionals with a wide range of career issues such as career transitions, business development and leadership.