Career Counseling & Coaching

The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program

Career management is a lifelong process, meaning that throughout a person’s life, one will change, situations will change, and one will continually have to make career and life decisions.  A wrong choice at a critical juncture can result in wasted years and significant debt.

Unfortunately, many lawyers fail to go through the process of self-exploration before they attend law school.  As a result, they are dissatisfied with the practice of law and unsure of how to proceed.

The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program provides the opportunity for lawyers to revisit why they went to law school,  what is working for them now and what is not.  The program consists of 11 50-minute prescribed sessions. The lawyer will use the outcomes of the process to create a solid plan for the future that they can be excited about.

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The Career Crossroads Program

Career Counseling Services for Non-Members of the Legal Profession 

Over the years, many of Progress in Work’s corporate and individual clients have recommended Progress in Work to their friends and family members, some of whom are not in the legal profession. Typically, they are undergraduate or graduate students from top colleges and universities who are unsure which career path to follow. Others are at the early stages of their careers.

We have usually worked with these individuals as a courtesy to Progress in Work’s valued clients who referred them to us. However, the demand for this service has grown so dramatically over the past several years that Progress in Work is now selectively offering these career counseling services to others.

Similar to The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program, this program is called The Career Crossroads Program.

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