Business Development Training & Coaching

Attorneys who want to develop a book of business and become a “rainmaker” in private practice can benefit from Progress in Work’s business development training/coaching services.

The services are particularly relevant for new partners who are promoted based upon technical proficiency and thereafter judged, in part, on their business generation prowess. Many feel lost because typically attorneys have minimal or no real training in business generation skills and may have little natural aptitude for it.

Progress in Work offers a unique combination of services in business development training and coaching used by sales people who sell to the largest companies in the world. As a result, it can demystify business generation for the non-naturals and help even the biggest rainmakers boost their productivity.

Business Development Coaching

Progress in Work believes that business development takes a long time to master, and then it must be practiced consistently to be effective. It first has to be learned, then tailored to the particular skill sets of a given attorney, and then be practiced, refined and regularly updated. That is why Progress in Work’s one-on-one coaching sessions are so important. One cannot master business generation in a one-hour lesson any more than one can learn to sing opera. Sheryl Odentz’s, (Founder of Progress in Work), background in operatic training has made her aware that new business development success also requires discipline, focus, and everyday commitment.

The coaching sessions offer exactly what the attorney needs, with the level of depth the attorney requires, to thrive. Moreover, they provide interactive skill-building within an established selling method, “Consultative Selling”, which helps remove obstacles to success. Consultative Selling uses question-based selling to identify the client’s needs and motivators, and it helps to build strong client relationships.

Progress in Work helps attorneys draft and implement personal business development plans containing appropriate targets, and offers “real-time” coaching sessions addressing every phase of the business development cycle. Such individual coaching sessions include: building long-term client relationships; value articulation; the objection-handling process; guidance in prospect identification; personal branding; strategic marketing; cross-selling; maximizing individual networks; understanding client needs; and much more.

In addition to the all-important one-on-one coaching that is Sheryl Odentz’s (Founder of Progress in Work) “signature style”; she offers business development training webinars and bespoke workshops at partner retreats as well as other appropriate conferences/events.

Click here for  Applying Social and Psychological Theories to Unlock Your Hidden Rainmaker, which is a 60-minute interactive webinar that introduces the basic principles of  Consultative Selling skills to lawyers.

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Progress in Work has been recognized more than 10 times as one of the best lawyer/law firm business development coaching providers through The National Law JournalNew York Law JournalConnecticut Law Tribune, The Legal Intelligencer and Texas Lawyer Reader Rankings Surveys. Progress in Work was inducted into the New York Law Journal’s Hall of Fame. Click here for all awards.