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Progress in Work LLC is an award-winning career management firm, founded by Sheryl Odentz, that provides attorneys and other professionals within the legal industry with tools and resources to progress in work and maximize career success.


Outplacement | Career Transition Counseling & Coaching

Seamlessly transition to the next position.

Career Counseling & Coaching

Gain clarity about how to move forward in your career if you’ve reached a career crossroads.

Business Development Training & Coaching

Build a book of business using a structured approach.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Learn new behaviors through “action learning” to become a more effective leader.

Progress in Work can be retained by either the organization or the individual client.  It is headquartered in New York City and consults with clients across the United States.

Sheryl Odentz


Columbia University, M.A., Ed.M., CCC
Psychological Counseling Specializing in Business and Industry

Sheryl Odentz has spent 25+ years counseling and coaching thousands of attorneys from the major law firms, mid-sized law firms, top-tier boutiques and corporations on career management. She has also advised other professionals from the legal industry and high-level executives from a wide variety of industries. Progress in Work LLC is the culmination of Sheryl’s DNA, academic training in work/career psychology and experience in sales/marketing. This rare combination of factors makes her highly qualified to assist her clients.


"I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work with our folks over the past year. You continue to get rave reviews from the people you’ve worked with, and it is truly appreciated by everyone."

Written to Progress in Work from a Human Resources Manager within the American Lawyer 50

“Sheryl skillfully taught me the nuts-and-bolts of business generation. Sheryl is very knowledgeable about the business of law and the challenges private law firm attorneys face growing their practices in the modern world.”

Written by a partner within The American Lawyer 100

“My weekly meetings with Sheryl were wonderful. She is practical, has great insights and is a superb coach. I can’t thank her enough for helping me get to the next level.”

Written by a professional from a large financial company

“Sheryl is a gem. She is great to work with. She is efficient and extremely knowledgeable, and she has already given me many leads that I wouldn’t have thought of.”

Written by an attorney in career transition from a law firm ranked within The American Lawyer 100

“Sheryl is someone I think very highly of, a first-rate coach, well-trained and highly experienced working with lawyers, a delightful person of the highest integrity.”

Shelley Canter is the founder of RJC Associates and the author of Make The Right Career Move


Progress in Work holds more than 35 ALM “Best Of” Awards in one or more of the following categories:
Outplacement and Career Transition Counseling & Coaching • Business Development Training & Coaching • Career Management
from the following publications:


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