About Progress In Work

blankProgress in Work is a career management coaching and counseling firm for the legal profession. It primarily helps attorneys successfully grow their practices and/or make career transitions to other settings inside our outside of the practice of law.

Progress in Work appreciates the uniqueness of each attorney and prides itself on its highly customized approach. Progress in Work coaches attorneys one-on-one to address their specific circumstances.

The mission of Progress in Work is to help attorneys move forward in their careers — to “progress in work.”

More than 3,000 attorneys from the Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 law firms and major corporations, as well as many other types of professionals mostly within the legal profession, have benefited from Progress in Work’s expertise.

Progress in Work can be retained by either the organization or individual.

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About the Founder

Sheryl A. Odentz has more than two decades of comprehensive experience advising attorneys, other high-level professionals from the legal arena, and executives from a wide variety of industries about career success and business development.

Her specialized training in business/career psychology and experience in sales/marketing make her uniquely qualified to assist her clients.

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